Friday, December 28, 2012

God Is My Judge

Damara Joanna "Princess to the throne"

WCOM officially live Jan 2012
SKJ Skincare is born March 2012
Damara's Paw on Walking The Walk (with a little help from her mom) is published May 2012
Wendy officiates Matt & Katie's wedding July 2012
Donnie "Big Guy" adopted Aug 2012
Zeus "The Moose" adopted Nov 2012
Magnum adopted Nov 2012
WCOM barn is built Sept 2012
Guy and Wendy unified in strength
Daniel Revealer "Dan" arrives Dec 24th
Looking back on 2012 I was overwhelmed and almost had forgotten all that occurred during my twelve months. Pictures bring back to memory all that took place. As I elaborate on the above photograghs, I ask that you to keep in mind if you are called to walk your walk will you respond to the call no matter where it leads you? 

I am a committed individual and to the call on my life but I am still human with human flaws. I, too, question and yes, even deal with my own fears and anxieties. But I am determined to walk out the call on  my life and that means being possibly criticized and mocked for making decisions that may not seem right or logical to some observers. But God is my judge and His voice I follow. To go with the shortest version possible I will try to sum up 2012 for you. Damara and I were brought together to share God's Word to all who are ready to receive. I had visions of my ministry, my teaching school, my business, developing a farm beyond our maple syrup production, my life, for several years but no idea how it would continue to unfold. But bit by bit it  shows itself. This led to World Channel Outlet Ministries officially filing for Not-For-Profit 501 (c) (3) status. What will people think? No mind, to that God is my judge keeping moving forward Wendy. Live we go, documents to file, lawyers and accountant to call. Teachings to prepare, meetings to hold, website to build, social media to learn and oh, keep your day job going as well. Do I know what to do everyday with all that comes my way? No, but I do the best I can to discern and hear God'sinstructions.

In the midst of all of this I was inspired to create a skincare line using my husband's maple syrup products. To the kitchen I go and with a little of this a little of that and wala SKJ is reborn into skincare. Manufacturing company to secure, samples to try, brand look to design, stores to share with, marketing plans to create, customers to share with, and financially no extra money for trial and error. No problem! Will the brand sell, pay no mind Wendy God is your judge. Keep walking!

Next item up, Damara's Paw book. It was written but needed to be typed and submitted to a publisher and all that that entails. All the efforts were put forth and the time came to give the go ahead to print the book and share with the public. Tears filled my eyes, I called to my husband and hesitated with my fingers on the keys to respond and type yes, print! It was written but what if people reject it? My husband said "You gave it your all, right?" And I say "God is my judge, keeping walking Wendy."

My health plagues me once again. God worns me to call my doctor but I push a little further before coming to the end of my self. Decisions need to be made and changes to be had. I could not keep up the pace and the daily regime that I created. To the doctor we go, new plan is made and tears are released with internal frustrations that I am here once again with old issues. What will people think, if I can not keep up and need special arrangements in order to function? But God is my judge!

In the winter of 2012 my cousin Matt and his wife to be had asked me to officiate their wedding that was to be in July. What an honor! But will my health mess with my plans to commit to this special request? Will I perform this ceremony with God's anointing, will I be able to honor God and will this couple be united the way the envision their day?  I will prepare and do my best. God is my judge!

During all of these moments, we were constantly challenged with financial concerns. There never seems to be enough and where will all the money come from to do what needs to be done? What are people thinking, including family and friends? But God is my judge!

Mid summer I had the opportunity to relive a childhood memory. Horse back riding! One ride led to a special span of time with a horse who was lent to me from a loving family. That experience led to the decision to seek out my own horse for the ministry. One wonderful day, I spoke to a friend sharing with him my desire to acquire a horse for the ministry and me. He had just the right horse and a gift that I will never forget. Donnie "Big Guy" arrived in my life. He is a retired show horse, black Percheron draft who is known as my prince. I can not explain nor describe the spiritual experience that my husband and I encountered that Saturday night when "Big Guy" walked onto our property.  What will people think? No matter, God is my judge!

A barn to build! This was not in the plans for 2012, well nor were horses, so we thought. We had no extra resources in our financial picture for building a barn and our property is long and narrow to boot. We proceed to keep walking anyway. We have a house and maple sugar house with a little extra free property. Not really enough for several horses. No worries, the neighboring farmer, who says he does not care for horses, offers to let us pasture in his bordering property so we have adequate space for our growing ministry family. Next, we call a professional to get a quote for building a barn. WOW! Not even possible to go that route. We decide to step up to the challenge of building the barn ourselves. Never done that before. Family and friends were called for help with the building plans and prayers for finances to show themselves at just the right time. We proceed. Every spare moment was spent working from the ground up to build just the right living space for our adopties. Everything costs more than we have and each week we scrimp to buy more nails and place more boards. A whirl wind of an experience. But help arrived financially and hard labor was offered, it truly takes a village. But the looming questions of "What will people think when we already have a tough time paying our weekly bills and my own personal fears loom in my head?" But God is my judge!

From zero to three horses we go! That experience then led to developing the ministry with more animals and having them minister to people through their loving spirits. During the time that Don arrived, we had also been discussing possiblities of adopting another horse from a young man down the road who was going off to college and needed a home for his friend. Not being sure if this would come to fruition we also had been open to adopting another horse to match Don so we could have a team to do wagon rides and field work with. Within a few weeks it all hit. Not one horse was coming but two more would arrive almost simultaneously. Are we crazy? How will we able to afford to feed all the animals especially with winter coming upon us, vet care, and what if something big happens, also Magnum has special health requirements, are we prepared for all of this? Are we making the right decisions? Keep walking. Then the day came that Zeus walked down our driveway to his forever home. He's a gray Percheron draft horse and eating is his favorite pass time. He is pure love no turning back now. Adjustments are made in the barn for our new addition and quickly we prepare for the next arrival. Magnum is next, he arrives on a cool November evening ready to go and immediately he is hooked up to the wagon with his old friend Don. It was like they were never apart, their bond was never broken. They pulled together like bread and butter go together. Magnum is from the same family that Don came from and he too is a  retired show horse, black Percheron draft through and through! We walk forward with our new fleet of horses, did we make the right decisions? God is our my judge.

During all of these momentous strides in our ministry and personal lives, Guy and I became even stronger in unity. It is said that finances are one of the biggest struggles with marriages. Well, we stood firm during the test of financial burdens and more responsibilties. We discuss everything together from the horses hoof care to grain portions, to who's doing what chore to how much hay do we have left? We do chores together each end of the day and all the dogs come with us as well. We remain to be loyal friends to each other, to sounding boards when we are stressed or fearful of our precious animals becoming ill or hurt, or do we have enough money to pay the bills. I can not do this ministry alone nor do I want to I want and need my best friend, my Guy by my side! We keep walking forward doing the best we can and at times we still wonder if we are being judged by our actions, but we continue on anyway knowing God is our judge!

To bring us to the current time, I have had heavy on my heart a new adoptie would be coming. Discussions were had about possiblities. And reminders from each other that we can only do so much. Questions of finances come up again and limited time available time during the day due to our day jobs, are discussed. My heart and body ache for a new baby and Guy states, "We are not building Joah's Arc" and I reply, "Yes we are!" I really wanted a puppy but I knew Guy would be resistant due to we already have four dogs, two in which are our adult children's who live with us. I proceed to look anyway. I found a baby puppy that needed a home and we do such a good job raising kids and animals I remind Guy, that Guy finally agrees to go look at him with me. We love him at first sight but walk away to reflect if it is the right thing to do. A night goes by then we discuss again the possibilities of taking him in and the final decision is made together that we are both in for adopting Daniel Revealer. Dan is a black Labrador Retriever who is as easy as pie to be around and adjusted in one day to his new home. He is a WCOM ministry team member like his sister Damara and his horse brothers. Dan's life and learning will be shared with all of our followers as the days and years pass by. Did we do the right thing by adopting another dog? Let God be the judge of that.

Here at WCOM we are "Walking The Walk" of God's call on our lives. Sharing His Word and Love to all who welcome it in. While at times we question and get anxious like all humans do if we are doing the Lord's work the way He wants us to, all we can do is our best to discern and hear what we believe He is instructing us to do. And that my friend may not look like your neighbors walk or your friend down the street. I ask you to pray and respond to God's call on your life and be ready to go places and do things that you never knew you would go and do! Do not let others hinder your walk and let God be your only judge!

As we head into the new year of 2013 prepare your hearts and minds with God's call for you and prepare your walk and walk it out regardless of your own judgement and others too!

Be well from WCOM ministry team,
Guy, Wendy, Damara, Daniel, Donnie, Magnum & Zeus
"Walking The Walk"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can muffins make a difference?

Good morning,

I would like to share with you a muffin journey that I am on. Let me give you some background before I move forward. I was praying about school and how could I reach out to more students and encourage them even if I did not work directly with them. So, with prayer and discernment, God brought to my memory about my friend's husband. And how every Thursday for years he made muffins for his family before going off to work. I have heard numerous tales about the muffins and the enjoyable feelings that the family continued to experience by starting out their day with a warm muffin their daddy had baked. I was at times in awe of how this man would want to spend his morning whipping up muffins before going of to his profession, which through the years he has served as a school counselor and school principal. So leaving early was a daily requirement for this daddy. But, he took the time every Thursday to serve his family warm love. He stood by his actions and his family grew to count on those actions. And I enjoyed hearing about his Thursday muffins and the family's loving indulgence of them. That's what led me to my muffin club idea! 

Now moving forward..By day some of you may or may not know that I am a teacher aide at our local school and I stated I was pondering new ways to reach others. Then the muffin thoughts started to rise up and how one family enjoyed such a simple gesture. But I did not want to just go with muffins. I knew they needed to be powerful and  knowing I have limited time to get to the real point of the muffin, I had to be creative. And we all know that words are powerful. So I came up with the idea to bake mini muffins (so I could reach more people) and decided to put words on the muffins. Next, toothpicks and sticky labels were what I had in my possession and I am a gal that uses what she has. Of course, my muffin recipe of choice was Maple Syrup muffins. Sharing our maple syrup that we produce makes them extra special. Using just any words would not do either, Godly words were selected of course. But working at a school I knew I needed to be careful about what kind of Godly words I use as to not offend anyone, though I have to admit I was tempted to put "God Loves You" on all of them. But I knew that God was not asking me to do that.

So, the first time I baked the muffins it was on a Friday and I was immediately wowed by what happened. While doing my hall duty at 7:30 am students generally start to filter into the school for the day. I stood at my post and I asked the students passing by to reach into the container (without looking in) and pick out the first muffin they touched. And whatever they chose they had to keep and keep the word with them all day. Not literally, just focus on the word. Some of the words I chose were the following: Love, trust, respect, rest, believe, hope, patience, faith, calm, etc. You get the idea. The student looks were mixed with excitement for a treat and perplexed on what was really happening. Almost like "What is this really about!" It was amazing for many reasons. I would be confident in saying that all of the muffins that were picked and the words that were on them fit each person perfectly. It was like God directed their hands to their needed muffin with just the right word on it for them. It started with just a few students reaching into the muffin container then all of sudden more kids would appear after hearing about what was being offered. Throughout the day students would see me and share their word with smile on their face either verbally or just show me their little flag with the word on it. They lit up and would tease me in a friendly way about their muffin experience. Some students placed their word flags in their notebooks or daily planners and keep them their to look at and routinely show them to me to let me know they still have it in their possession. Others, like some of my boys, would have them in their pants pocket and pull out their words to show me and their friends. I was so thrilled about the experience, I knew I wanted to keep it going. And kids shared they enjoyment of being a part the muffin club!

So, this month I baked muffins again. Same recipe, same words. But some new faces came around looking for a muffin. They wanted to be part of the muffin club! Kids would come up take a muffin and say that, "This is exactly what they needed," and then would go run off to tell their friends and bring them around for their muffin and word. One boy stated he wanted to ask me for a muffin but did not dare until his buddies came up to me and then I offered him one. He accepted my offer and his word was believe! Second student stated that his word which was faith worked for him. He passed his science test and he credited his word and his faith for it.  Another student shared his word was patience and he said, "I have patience". I said, "Maybe its for you to share the word with someone else." He said, "His mom needed more patience". I stated, "So, teach her." I could go on and on about how the muffin club is effecting our youth and my being allowed to experience it with them is so rewarding. Not just the youth but adults are enjoying them too. I have shared a few with adults and the same has held true for them like the students.

My intent by sharing this story is not to brag on what I have done but to encourage you. Step out of your comfort zone and ask God how you can make a difference for others. You may never know how much a muffin and a word can change and make positive differences in others lives. People want to be loved and cared about it, it does not have to be a complex plan to provide just that. Maybe it's as simple as a muffin and a word. Or maybe God has a unique plan for you to reach others differently, go ahead give it a try. Pray to God and allow Him to show you your way of making a difference.

Thank you to Muffin Daddy for your inspirational Thursday Muffins, I bet you never guessed they would have inspired such action! 

Be well,
WCOM Ministry Team
Wendy, Damara, Donnie & Magnum

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damara in training

Look at me in my Dad's sugar house!!!!

I, Damara,  have had my beginning training in syrup making. My Mom and Dad said "If you are going to be a part of this family, then you need to learn ins and outs of maple syrup making." It is a family affair and everyone needs to help, including me I guess. I am used to being the "Superstar" of the family, my photo is always being taken by my adoring fans, so I really needed to rev up to for this maple workout. Well, so far I love licking up the sweet golden droppings and cleaning off my siblings heads that have left over syrup dried on top of their noggins.  I didn't realize that it took so much sap and long hours to make liquid gold. And I get quite dirty doing this job. I think I will need a salon call  when the season is over. Or my fans won't recognize me.  My mom and I go out to the sugar house to help deliver meals, snacks, can syrup, chat with visitors, and label jugs to sell to our customers. Hard work!!! I love to make a grand entrance and have everyone make a fuss over me. But boy when we finish our work and my mom heads to the door to go in our house, I can't wait to go and get fresh for bed. (I sleep with my mom until dad comes in, this is the best part of my day. Hey,  a girl needs her beauty sleep you know!) It's hard work to help dad with all this sap business.  My mom is teaching me that maple syrup not only tastes good, but did you know that it is good for you too? Who knew? I just thought it was like eating candy, or drinking a fine wine (not that I have had wine, but my mom sure makes it sound good).  Anyway, a lot of learnin' goin' on~

So what else have I learned this maple season...We have a lot of love going on here to produce our liquid gold. My dad goes without sleep days on end, chases all over to make sure that our syrup is the best around, cleans everything he can touch, demands excellence when operating his evaporator, has everyone help who walks in the door, and my family all keeps him in check. I just lick him silly. Oh, did I tell you that we have visitors everyday who stop to see us and smile when they walk in the door. Due to the smell of sweetness and the smoke bellowing out of the chimney, these two elements bring tons of people to check us out. And they all know my dad makes the bestest tasting sticky stuff. My dad has a lot of friends that come and help him, they have fun talkin' turkey with each other and sometimes his friends stay too long and get in trouble with their wives for being gone from home so long. I think they blame my dad for it, but really its because they loose track of time.  I won't tell the wives any different.

1. I have learned that syrup can be a cancer fighter. By using syrup on your oatmeal you may help prevent inflammatory diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's.

2. Youth Booster: maple syrup has anti-agers. Try a facial scrub.  1 TBL. warm milk,  1 TBL. maple syrup, add 3 tsp. to finely ground oats; stir again. Massage gently onto your face. leave 20 mins. rinse off. I don't think mom will let me try this due to having a licking problem when it comes to dad's syrup. But you try and let me know.

3. Cold Stopper: Syrup contains essential nutrients like zinc and manganese, which can help ward off illness. NO more sniffling!!

(sited from Health, magazine 3/11)

Well, I have learned so much and now I am pooped out. I need a nap and my dinner time is soon. Besides, my dad will probably need my help soon so  I need to be prepared.

I give my dad's maple syrup my "Paw Of Approval"

Be well,

Damara  oh yeah, Mom says hi too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adjustment time

Well, yesterday my friend and I headed for Cortland to see Dr. Schaub, known by many as Dr. Tim.  Damara was ready and willing to attend our session, but this trip was for mommy. Dr. Tim practices chiropractic care by degree but I prefer to think that he performs magic. My condition when in route to him was as follows: achy, fatigue from not sleeping well, and every time I was eating, I was bloating up even with small cup of soup as the meal. I know these are the signs of more herbal remedies needed,  more exercise, less stress, seasonal change, and most importantly a visit to Dr. Tim.

When we arrive at our destination, I say to Dr. Dawn who answers the door "Good morning, we are your cup of coffee," due to us usually being their first set of patients.  Entering the office I feel like I have arrived at home. We are usually extra early for our appointments so this gives us a much needed reprieve in his office. As we wait for Dr. Tim to enter, I just sit in comfort feeling the warmth and peacefulness that envelopes me.

Then the moment arrives when he meanders in. Calm and professional. He asks, "How are you?" He then begins his evaluation of my body ailments. He asks what areas I have of concern, but he really doesn't want to know. He only ask to be nice. He has the ability and skill to hone right into the area of weakness or weaknesses without me lending him a hand. Yesterday, mine were many and he hit everyone of them. During his "magical performances" past and current, I must say I am not always pleased with his maneuvers. I have even told him at times that I could smack him due to being annoyed with the pushing around he does on my sore parts, but I know by now that I will reap the benefits soon after. He is always willing to describe what he is doing and why the body is reacting to being out of alignment.

After a few pushes here and shifts there, he sets me up right. I move to a chair to rest until my friend is done. I love watching him work, he is like an artist creating a master piece one move at a time.  He hones in on my friend's misalignment. A few tweaks here and there for her and we are all set to go.  We say our good byes and walk to the car. Once on the road, we chat about our time with Dr. Tim, which is always a pleasure and feel our bodies starting to accept our new alignments. I know well enough by now when I need to be adjusted and when the sore spots or annoyances settle into my body, it's my sign saying"Pay attention here and call Dr. Tim." Thank goodness I have learned some things during my journey thus far. I finished my afternoon lighter, I was able to eat without bloating up, and even danced through making dinner with a little Wii movement with my daughter in between salad making. Thanks Dr. Tim for your magical performance.

May you find your "Dr. Tim" for better health and embrace the new season coming upon us. If you have never tried chiropractic care check out my YouTube video for some informative ways to seek the right chiropractic professional for you. As for Damara and me, we will stick to Dr. Timothy Schaub,  Cortland, NY.

Damara has met Dr. Tim and she gives him and chiropractic care her "Paw of approval."

Be well,

Wendy and Damara

Sunday, February 13, 2011

All dressed up and no place to go?

That's okay, do it anyway. Get dressed up, put on your make up and pretend you have a wonderful place to go. Damara and I did. Bring that little kid out out to play. Have fun and let go!

The other day Damara was chewing on a bone in our bedroom, I watched with amazement at her being so content. I got down with her, put my face on the floor and said "Maybe I need to just chew on a bone." Food for thought. I didn't end up doing it, but it stayed with me all day and made me laugh just contemplating such an action. No, I didn't take a picture of that.

Where's Damara now? You guessed it, she's asleep at my feet. We just came in from a walk and she's patiently waiting until I move again.

Guy and Jake are busy getting trees tapped for maple syrup season. Damara will have a blast with this being her first time in the sugar house and licking up all the sweet droppings. We'll have to keep our high heels and dresses in the closet for that play date. Our work boots will have to do.

Remember have lots of fun and dress the part!!!

Be well,

Wendy and Damara

Monday, January 17, 2011

Procrastination & Priorities

Part of my day was spent making phone calls for various appointments that I have been procrastinating to make, why I don't know. It still takes energy to avoid such things.  But those "things" did not happen before I had my coffee, quiet time, and yes, I walked on the treadmill all by myself. No kids or dogs by my side.

Anyway, back to my calls. I realized that my van needed to have an oil change, so I booked it. My checkbook needed "checking" on. So, I checked her out. No surprises there, DARN!! No anonymous deposits showing. I then went to the "desk", which is the most uninviting piece of furniture I have, it holds all the bills and paperwork that need my attention, yuck! I decided to be a trooper, so I dove in. I discerned that if I make sure my van has a routine service call each and every time, then I should put myself on the priority list and get myself checked out. A call to the hospital was next for needed yearly blood work, "Keep going Wendy," I said. Next, I made a mammogram appointment  (I have had the Dr. requests for each of these on my desk since October). Then I did some follow up calls and emails on leads for new work opportunities, etc. Besides all of these calls had to do with me. And I matter and I need to take healthy steps to keep me in check, keep networking, and make sure my van and I are running up to pare.

Even at this point in my life my efforts for my family, job, vehicles, house, pets, and friends tend to get my attention first. Why is that? I am important and I would advise anyone else that caring for yourself is priority and then have everyone else fall into the appropriate pecking order. I was hoping that with age I would be better with self care and making myself priority. At times, I still struggle with this and fall to old habits. Take it from me it is no good. Don't procrastinate what can be done today for you. Keep yourself moving forward with wise decisions for your health, life, and most importantly making you first on your list!!

I made all of my calls, did some necessary paperwork, walked for me and with the dogs, helped my one daughter go over her packing for her trip to London, helped reassure my other daughter she was capable of making spaghetti and meatballs, and took phone calls from my son who was on the trails snowmobiling.

So, Damara and me are typing this to share with you (well, she's not typing, she is sleeping, see even she puts herself first..oh, to be a dog!!) Anyway, keep yourself on top of the pecking order!!

Be well,
Wendy & Damara

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What gives me joy?

While walking today in my back field, I pondered what gives me joy (other than being a wife, mother, daughter, and great friend) and it came to me, it would be my puppy. Though, I must admit, my children sometimes wonder if the pup is at the top of the pecking order. "Not true I say," with a grin. Her name is Damara Joanna. She has been a gift so precious that words seem small in comparison to the depth that I feel for her. Today in the field as she picked up sticks and ran around with her bell on her collar, (a gift from my mother-in-law, yes I have great one) she reminds me of pure joy! Before her arrival, I must mention, she came to me in two separate dreams. During one of them I woke up to tears running down my face and my husband asking "what's wrong" and I stated that "I am suppose to get another puppy." His look was less than pleasing. Let me explain. We had just lost my dog to illness in the spring; heartbreaking to say the least, we already have three wonderful dogs, financially were not in a good spot to be making such a purchase, I had been networking like crazy to start a new career, we had offered our home to additional house guest for the summer, and my dear friend was dying of cancer. Sure a puppy sounds like the perfect thing to do. But I am the type of gal that when I am moved by a greater force than myself saying to me "Look over here," (I believe a GOD prompted dream) I pay attention and follow orders. Even at the cost of criticism. This little black beauty (black lab) has been just what the doctor ordered not only for me but for my whole family. She is simply simple, kind, loving, and follows me wherever I go ( right now while I type this she is asleep at my feet). The decision to bring her home was one of prayer and discernment. I did not know how I would pay for her or why I was being lead to start over with another puppy, but I moved ahead anyway. Knowing that if it was meant to be a way would show its self. As it turned out my oldest daughter researched local puppies (I knew it was suppose to be a female black lab) she discovered a litter the next town over. Next, my youngest daughter wrote me a beautiful note expressing her support for me getting a new pup and with that we went puppy shopping. We got to the location and within minutes I knew we were at the the right spot. Damara came over the fenced in area to my arms, I passed off the pup I had been holding and embraced my pure joy! From that moment I knew she was mine. My daughters each contributed to the bill that needed to be paid in order to bring her home. Now talk about joy from all angles. I have since paid my girls back and my joy level has been raised to abundance. My husband now has a very pleasing look with my new found joy and helps in spoiling her with love. May you see and feel joy, for life can be challenging at times, but having doses of joy eases the twist and turns of our days. Be well, Wendy and Damara